Owners’s Associations Management

Owners’s Associations Management


Accounting administration is the activity that aims to break down the expense ratios and is carried out according to the legal provisions. In this area, we offer services like:

– calculation through a specialized program of the maintenance quotas;

– calculation of delay penalties, according to the legal norms and decision of the owners’ association;

– centralized calculation of cold and hot water consumption according to the information provided by the owners;

– centralization of the number of people based on the monthly table drawn up by the Association Committee

– cash register management;

– preservation and update of the Register of Records of Ruling and Repair Fund, in accordance with the laws in force;

– issue of penalties broken divided for each penalized apartment;

– sending information to owners who have concerns about the distribution of the monthly expenses in the maintenance lists;



The technical management activity is the most visible activity and the comfort of the owners depends on it. Our services of Technical Administration include:

– regular check of the basement, the access ways to the building, the floor levels and other spaces;

– technichal check of the elevator;

– functional check of the electrical installation;

– supervising the repair works and participating in their reception;

– procurement of the necessary materials for maintenance and repairs of the common property of the owners’ association;

– pursuing the realization of the contracts concluded by the owners’ association with the suppliers of goods and services;

– control of correct consumption billing according to the block meter index, according to the legal provisions and according to the methodological norms for distribution of consumption;

– displays the monthly lists of maintenance quotas

– maintains the communication relation with the owners of the association;

– checking the personnel working for the association on the basis of other contracts;

Pay office

We handle the collection and management of contributions and the management of expenses, in agreement with the owners’ association.

The cashing period is established in agreement with the owners’ association under the real estate management contract.

The payment can be made in our pay office (cash or credit card), via the online platform, via the mobile application or bank transfer to the company account (collector account).

Online dashboard

The complete status of each owner’s account in relation to the owners’ association:

-check of the financial status of your account

-input of hot and warm water index

-check of utility bills and common expenses

-online payment of the debts to the association

-requests for changing the number of people

-monthly payment notifications and index entry